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Mad Trapper Racing

The Mad Trapper has been offering trail related races for the past 15 years.

We were the first in Eastern Canada to host snowshoe races.

The first in the Outaouis to host trail races.

The first (and still only) in the Outaouis to host a Backyard Ultra.

The first (in the world I believe) to host a Snowshoe Backyard Ultra.

The first and only "women's only" trail race (in the world?).

• Snowshoe races, day and night, from 5k to "infinite"!

• 3k, 5k, 10k, 21k and even 50k trail races

• Annual Backyard UltraNatural Obstacle Off Trail Race (NOOTR)

• A Pancake Prediction Run

• A Women's Only Cancer Research Fundraising Event  

What Event Are You Mad For???

April 4, 2020

Quite possibly the yummiest race on the planet, where the last person to cross the finish line actually finishes in first place!

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June 13, 2020

Trails! We don't need know stinkin' trails. This race only has ONE OBSTACLE...the problem is its 4km long!

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April 4, 2020

If you like running and trails and beer, then this is the race for you. Chug a beer, run 400m on a trail. Repeat 4 times. Easy peasy!

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backyard ultra

June 20, 2020

aka, "the race with no end" and "last man standing". Every hour, on the hour, we start again. We keep going until there is nobody left!

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mica run

August 21, 2021

A straight forward grass roots, single-track trail race with 3k, 5k and 10k options.

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October 16, 2021

Classic "fall colours" trail racing with something for everyone. 3k, 5k, 10k, 21k and 50k of pure, pristine, "leaf free" single track!

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Snow shoe racing

3 events January - February

The only thing better than trail running is snowshoe running. The roots and rocks are all hidden under a blanket of snow, and the only noise you hear is your labored breathing!

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snow show backyard ultra

February 29, 2020

Just like Trail Backyard Ultra, but BETTER! Everything is always better on snow. This loop is only 5.5km though which everyone gets to challenge every hour for as long as they can.

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What makes Mad Trapper events unique?

  • Sure we time all our events, results are posted and the race winners are mentioned during the Awards Ceremony, but Mad Trapper events are more about participation and socializing than they are cut-throat, testosterone-fueled competition.

  • Prizes? Yes we have A LOT! And they are all awarded randomly, the 31st finisher has as good a chance of winning a prize as the overall winner.

  • Food? You betcha! And we're not talking rock hard green bananas, warm yogurt and a stale bagel. We're talking homemade chili and casseroles, fresh fruit, and the WORLD FAMOUS Mad Trapper "baked with love" brownies.

  • Beer Sponsor??? Of course we have a beer sponsor. Quality socializing is always best experienced over a pint of ale.

  • A Message from the Mad Trapper

    The Passion for Trail Racing

    Trail racing and trail running is what I've loved my entire life. When I created the Mad Trapper snowshoe series back in 2002 it was my goal to create a completely unique series that emphasized fun and participation over hard core, testosterone fueled competition.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I know we all have different definitions of “fun”. Fun for me is sharing stories and relaxing with friends. But for others, “fun” is seeing how much they can make their legs and lungs hurt!

    I think I've succeeded in meeting the needs of everyone with both our trail racing and snowshoe racing events. The trails at The Ark may be the best single track trails in eastern Canada. They are twisty-turny, they go up, they go down…

    They are challenging…  They are relentless…  They are fun!

    Trail Racing Winners and Prizes

    But here’s the thing that separates Mad Trapper races from the rest. The Mad Trapper trail races always makes a point of mentioning the race winners, but they are not necessarily rewarded with a prize. Prizes are awarded to the racers with the biggest smile at the finish, to the racer with the muddiest legs, to the racer who drove the furthest, to the oldest competitor or the youngest…

    If you come to a Mad Trapper trail run event, you have as good a chance of winning a prize as anyone else there.

    But even if you don’t literally win anything, you still win by attending the event. Mad Trapper trail races cost less than comparable events and the post-race party is second to none. Instead of green bananas and stale bagels, at some of our races the post-race meal includes hot lasagna or chili, soup, homemade brownies and even BEER!

    Mad Trapper racers may come for the race, but they stay for the party. If you haven’t experienced Mad Trapper trail running events, then you don’t know just how fun trail racing can be. Pick your event and SIGN UP NOW!.

        Are You Mad Enough?


    The Ark

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    Denholm, QC

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