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June 11, 2021 Update


Covid numbers are sharply declining right now. I'm expecting we'll be in great shape by August, but here are the current rules I'm attempting to follow:


•   In all sections of a site where people are seated or standing and fairly immobile or they can crowd together, for example, in food courts, the space around attractions, or a performance, the rules governing delimited zones will apply. By way of an example, the zones must be separated by physical barriers, accommodate a maximum of 250 people, and have a minimum area of 4 m2 per person.

•   Departures must be staggered to limit crowding along the circuit or route.

In order to keep everything as safe as possible and to follow the guideline, but still make this event fee like a true race experience, we're going to split the Mica Run into 2 separate waves, with a maximum of 50 racers each.


The first wave will start promptly at 10am and the second wave will start at 10:30am.


Second wave racers are asked to stay clear of the Ark until the first wave of racers have departed into the forest.


This will be a formally timed event, so the start times will be rigid. Don't arrive late!


We'll also have a post race BBQ but racers will be asked to respect the social distancing rules that are in effect at that time.


If we end up with more than 100 racers, a third 11am wave will be scheduled.


Here is the link to sign up for your desired start time.


The sheet asks if you are planning to run 3k, 5k or 10k, but don't worry, you can change that on race day if you need to.




I'll see you on August 21st for what is most likely going to be your first race in years!


I hope you're ready.


I'll post any "Covid Updates" on the www.micarun.com page, but if you have any questions I can be reached at [email protected]


The Mad Trapper

[email protected]

285 Farrellton Rd,Low, QC