Mad Trapper 2019 Online Race Registration   
Streamlined Registration
You can now register for all Mad Trapper events on this one page.

I've made it easier for individuals to register for multiple races... 
If you are registering for the NOOTR but you know you're going to race Relentless later in the year, you can add that to your order form, take advantage of the Early Bird rate, and not have to worry about coming back to register.

I've also made it easier for families to register!

For mom and dad racing with 2 kids, all you have to do is order 2 entries for the race of your choosing and then order another 2 entries in the "16 and under" category.

Race Day Registration is on an "event by event" basis.

16 and under - $30 all eligible events
Pancake Prediction Run - No race day registration
NOOTR - $60
Trail Beer Mile - No race day registration
Power in Pink - $60
Power in Pink Mom/Daughter - $90
Relentless 3k, 5k, 10k - $60
Relentless 21k, 50k - $70
Individual Snowshoe Races - $60 
Backyard Ultra - No race day registration   

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